Our Story

HT CrystalSolutions is dedicated to all aspects of the development of supercritical fluid technology, particularly for advanced materials processing such as single crystal growth. Most single crystals for specialized applications like lasers, detectors, emitters and rotators, are grown using some melt based technology (e.g. Czochralski pulling, Bridgeman-Stockbarger, flux melting, top seeded solution growth). As technology advances, the demand for higher performance materials increases continuously and there is a need for alternative methods of crystal growth. This led us to develop the technology of growing specialty single crystals using supercritical fluids.


Crystal growth methods using supercritical fluids confer a number of advantages. It is a relatively low temperature method (<750˚C) so it can be applied to solids that do not melt congruently. The crystals also grow in isothermal conditions so this combined with the relatively low growth temperatures usually lead to crystals with minimal thermal strain or defects. Because the growth is performed in sealed vessels there is tremendous chemical flexibility. This leads to very high dopant homogeneity and close control of dopant concentration, oxidation state, stoichiometry and many other chemical aspects. This combination of flexibility and control allows us to grow new solids as well as provide the community with an enormous range of crystals with custom doping and multiple functionalities.


Based on the needs of the laser and optics industries, we identified a number of opportunities to address these needs using crystal growth in supercritical fluids. Our founding team has substantial expertise in the use of supercritical fluids as growth medium for high quality single crystals. This resulted in hundreds of publications, numerous research grants and contracts and more than a dozen patents in this field. We also have more than 10 years of experience in commercial hydrothermal crystal growth.


All of this work hinges on our expertise in supercritical fluid technology. We have numerous patents on crystal growth methods in supercritical fluids, as well as several new crystals that are unique to hydrothermal growth. We developed a wide range of proprietary technology to handle reactive growth fluids at high temperatures and pressures. Our team has many new designs of autoclaves, sealing mechanisms, thermal monitoring and on line control systems. We view this technology as a significant competitive advantage. Our many years of experience in the field gives us a good intuitive understanding of the chemistry of the crystal growth so we quickly design new growth conditions, mineralizers and temperatures. This experience gives us the flexibility to respond to customer needs with new materials and custom doping.


Our initial efforts focus is on crystals for solid-state lasers. The laser field was chosen as an initial target because the modest quantities but exceptionally high quality demands of the market are suitable for a specialized company with an advanced technology like ours. As our presence grows we will target larger scale technologies such as detectors, windows and sensors. Many of our current commercial targets are oxides that can be grown in supercritical water (hydrothermal) but we can use the same technology for other crystals or other solvents as needed. We provide nonlinear optical crystals, custom laser hosts, refractory oxides, and multifunctional crystals with gradient doping. Our company is also prepared to provide custom crystals and crystals with unusual dopants specified as requested by customers.