Crystal Growth and Single Crystal X-Diffraction

Dr. Colin McMillen brings 15 years of experience in crystal growth and X-ray crystallography to the HT CrystalSolutions team. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Clemson University in 2002, and subsequently earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Clemson University in 2007, studying inorganic chemistry with Prof. Joe Kolis. Colin’s work in hydrothermal crystal growth has spanned a range of deep-UV NLO materials, oxide laser hosts, and multifunctional single crystals. This work resulted in 110 publications and nine patents to date. He was the recipient of the 2013 Young Author Award presented by the American Association for Crystal growth for accomplishments in bulk and epitaxial crystal growth. Colin also serves as the staff crystallographer and Director of the Molecular Structure Center in the Department of Chemistry at Clemson.